Chocolates by Shaun


In his own words" Other than my 22 or so years experience of working with chocolate and my deep rooted passion for the filthy stuff, something many of you already know, my hand made, rolled and dipped chocolates are made with only the finest quality chocolate couverture and only the freshest and best quality of ingredients, such as cream, butter, praline, freshly ground coffee, vanilla bean etc. I use no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives in making my chocolates, only the finest quality natural product, manufactured in clean, hygienic facility. All this adds to making Chocolates by Shaun, that little more sophisticated than most other chocolates and make for the perfect gift.

To launch this brand, the collection for this winter / spring season is something i know that many chocolate connoisseurs would die for," including me", The Chocolate truffle. The five varieties are:

Bittersweet chocolate truffles

(A richly deep bittersweet chocolate filling, enrobed in bittersweet chocolate and coated with finest quality European cocoa)

French praline truffles

(French hazelnut praline paste and milk chocolate, enrobed in bittersweet chocolate, any connoisseurs dream)

Butter truffles

(A buttery rich bittersweet chocolate filling, enrobed in milk chocolate and finished with milk chocolate shavings)

Coffee truffles

(bittersweet chocolate, fresh cream, butter and freshly ground coffee, enrobed in white chocolate and speckled with ground coffee granules)

Bourbon vanilla truffles

(Rich creamy white chocolate mixed with freshly scraped bourbon vanilla , enrobed in white chocolate, finished with a powdered sugar coating)